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Ok here comes the second story of how John and frogsex I started on the road to share Pat. You will read that Pat and I have opened up our relationship with a man from the tavern. But John and I were good friends and he and his wife were friends with us for years. John and I worked together as a manager in a large transport company size. This was Saturday night, frogsex John and his wife had to eat. Pat, John and I had been drinking, but Jill was driving home. It was frogsex a beautiful summer night, and shortly after midnight, Jill and I were on the floor of the living room looking if my record collection. It is true that we were together and had exchanged a few kisses, but nothing more. John and Pat were resting at the conservatory, where they can through the dining room and part of the way you look at the living room and in fact, just the legs. Later I learned that John had gone out for a drink and Pat and I had seen, I kiss his wife. He had gone to a patentND said he kissed his wife, he could kiss her. Pat laughed and said yes. She was sitting on a wooden bench at the time he had leaned over and kissed her. He kissed her again. Pat told me later he felt her breasts as her shirt and she had allowed. He knelt before her and she had moved forward to kiss her again. After a few minutes without any patent must be known, he found his hand slipped under her skirt on the outside of his left leg. She had asked him to do what your wife, but he had looked at the legs and said he is too frogsex busy to worry about. He waved his hand and found that she had told Pat stockings very excited. frogsex The combination of his hand touched the skirt had a little drink and thought ( wrongly, I came to Jill) made ​​them frogsex ' wet ', so he had cut the legs and panties will allow access. She said her hand was shaking with nervous energy. One thing led to Anothhim and did not last long as the fingers in her panties, she works on her pussy. She asked him again what his wife might think, and rubbed harder. She had returned to that part and had to unbutton her blouse so that the manhole in the chest. Her skirt it was over until he had the sight of a good pair of sheer black panties. He had said that it was down, but had difficulties, says Pat, 'hanging ' and lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties just up and down and spread her legs wide. Gob said John hit. He opened his pants and sit down with Pat half of the bank and slid directly to her in a very short time he had one last chance for her. But then he had moved rubbing her pussy until she had climaxed. Pat had moved from that time and entered the frogsex room to ask if we wanted coffee and when she went to the kitchen to do it, I said quietly, ' my pants are very wet,' I'm an idiot like said that and he said, because Juan them this way. Still do not know where it ends I told John and capture. I thought it was vacant after the coffee and Jill, John and I had the pleasure of discovering why wet was a joke. Sloppy Seconds, the better. We went to many wonderful shit with John and with her ​​again, but that would frogsex be worth a different story. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I re -experiencing of time typing.
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